47th Annual Beach Pop Tennis Championship 2019


Our 47th annual tournament (sponsored by Michelob Ultra) was played at The Atlantic Beach and Tennis Club in St. Augustine, FL. There was some disappointment when we announced that this year would not be played on the beach.. However, those who played sure looked like they had a lot of fun on clay. The soft playing surfaces made for some fantastic rallies and the facilities of the club made for a comfortable venue. Thank you so much to Bill Brothers for opening up his club to us, and even allowing everyone to cool off in the pool! It was HOT. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for your sportsmanship. See below for some photos and results!

Mens Pro 1st: Brian Wan, Kent Seaton

2nd: Daniel Wulff, Ernesto Russo

Mens Open 1st: Clay Schwartz, Vinny Green

2nd: Bill Brothers, Mike Cohen

Mens A 1st: Tom Bryant, Roger Carlton

2nd: Zach Albright, Adam Albright

Mens Masters 1st: Gene Juziak, John Day

2nd: Lew Stephans, Pupolo

Womens Pro 1st: Sherri Nowatzki, Stacy McLemore

2nd: Lynn Merulla, Katrina Glusac

Womens A 1st: Cynthia Searle, Kendall Jennings

2nd: Ashley Berg, Terri Sackmaster


Mitch Kutner

Thank you to our sponsors this year!